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Pinterest Rolls Out a New Look

29 Mar

As you may know, Pinterest is where I find my inspiration for many of my projects. Last time I logged in, I was made aware of an update that was available. I was hesitant to update, but I decided I would give it a try. Pinterest users will soon all be invited to join the virtual bulletin board renovation.

The ultimate goal is to make browsing on Pinterest simpler and cleaner looking. They want to make discovery easier.

So what’s changing?

A drop-down menu with various categories has been added to the top left corner to give the appearance of a Smartphone app. Moving the categories menu from the center of the site condensed to the left de-clutters the top and cleans up the appearance.

A common complaint from Pinterest users has been that they lose their spot when they try to go back to the main page. The frustration of losing your place is no longer as the back button now returns you to the spot you left off.

Users will also notice larger pins that are easier to see. Along with Pinterest’s new close-up view, users will see other pins on the same board the pin came from. The change is intended to draw more attention from pinners. By showing other pins from the same board, the pinner is networked to potentially discover hundreds or thousands of more pins.

Application Update

Pinterest mobile app users should also be on the lookout for an update. I received a notification to update about a week ago. App users will be able to edit their profiles after they update. It also seems the number of categories has expanded just like the website.

To me, the changes seem minor, but some reviews were not as supportive, especially with the mobile app. Customers posted reviews, such as the app exiting suddenly and the inability to return to the top of the feed without scrolling all the way up.

Maintaining a Positive Image

Instead of Pinterest having a poor image, they can combat the negative feedback. I recently discovered the Help Center. Users can troubleshoot problems, sometimes immediately. The Help Center has answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the page. You can also email a question if you can’t find your answer, but I haven’t been able to find the email address.

I would recommend Pinterest finds a way to be more interactive to its users. Even though Pinterest is a social media site, it’s different than the typical communication site, such as Facebook or Twitter. It doesn’t have a strong way to communicate, such as private or direct messages. Email seems to be on its way out of everyday use except for business purposes. If site designers created a line of communication, such as direct messaging, I think pinners would be able to troubleshoot their problems instead of leaving negative feedback for all to see.

So, what do you all think? Are you Pinterest fanatics? Is it user friendly, or is it just a frustrating part of your day? I’d love to hear what you all think! Thank you for reading!

(Thank you to mashable.com for the use of the photo.)

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