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Firefly Party Lights

1 Mar

Firefly Christmas Lights firefly2

You’re planning a party, and of course you want some decorations. Do you go with streamers? Balloons? Confetti? If you’re like me, you want a classy look that’s pretty, inexpensive, and simple. For less than $5, you can make your gathering light up, no matter what the occasion.

I of course found the idea on Pinterest, and it was linked to a blog called Hayseed Homemakin’. If you get a chance, take a look at her blog, too. She has some great ideas! Now, let’s get down to business.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 string of lights

2 yards of tulle

Lace (optional)


Cut seven to eight inch squares out of your fabric, meaning seven to eight inches across and up. I never would have thought to use squares, but they give the fabric on the lights a much fuller look. You can also cut strips of fabric if you prefer, but I like the fuller look because you can’t see the green cord as well, and it kind of looks like little fireflies peeking through the fabric.

Once you have a square for each green space, start bunching and tying. I kind of bunched the fabric in the middle then tied a square knot (right over left, left over right.) Depending on how much lace you want to use if you want to use it, you can tie it on in place of the tulle. I tied two pieces of tulle then a piece of lace. Keep tying until you have the whole strand covered.

Voila! You have a strand of your very own firefly Christmas lights. Now, all you have to do is find a place to run the lights. If you have a food or drinks table, I would push the table against a wall and run the lights along the back edge to create a little bit of ambiance. You could also hang them on curtain rods, place them on a mantle, or maybe even hang them on a dimly lit chandelier (you’d have to test that out to see how it looks.)

The great thing about these lights is tulle comes in an abundance of colors. If you want a “winter wonderland,” you could use white tulle and white lace. Valentine’s day, you can use pink and/or red tulle. A baby shower could use light pink or blue. For New Year’s Eve next year, I thought I might play around with either gold and black tulle or cream and black. The possibilities are endless!

To keep this project as inexpensive as possible, I shopped the after Christmas sales. I’m sure you could also find a string of lights in a dollar store or on Amazon for pretty cheap as well. Tulle is probably the most inexpensive fabric out there. I found mine at Joann Fabrics. In the store, mine was $2 per yard. It doesn’t get much better than that! Let me know how your firefly Christmas lights turn out!

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